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For safety we request the following -

  • Patients who have traveled outside of the US including on cruise ships within past 14 days must reschedule. 

  • Patients with close contact to a known infected person must reschedule.

  • Patients with fever and or respiratory symptoms must reschedule. 


Thank You. 

Berks Center for Digestive Health

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Surgery Center Facilities, Services & Equipment

Berks Center for Digestive Health (BCDH) is a state of the art, accredited, outpatient endoscopy Center that provides full service endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. We are located in the same building as our Wyomissing office, and Digestive Disease Associate’s Gastroenterologists prefer to do their upper and lower endoscopic procedures in this location.

Everything about BCDH is designed to make the patient experience positive and convenient. BCDH is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), an agency which holds ambulatory surgery centers to the highest standards for outpatient care. Our center is staffed by specially trained nurses and technicians who have an in-depth understanding of the equipment and procedures that are performed. Our equipment in the facility is state of the art. BCDH follows rigorous protocols that exceed industry standards for safety and infection control.

The benefits of a procedure at BCDH include:

  • All the physicians performing the procedures are board certified gastroenterologists with extensive experience.
  • An anesthesiologist supervising all anesthesia services.
  • The use of an advanced anesthesia agent called propofol allows rapid sedation of patients and also brings patients back to a normal alert state faster than traditional sedatives after their procedure. Patients typically walk out the door 30 minutes after the procedure.
  • The use of CO2 during the procedure.  Using CO2, instead of room air, reduces patient discomfort and bloating after a colonoscopy.
  • Berks Center for Digestive Health performs over 17,000 procedures annually — more than any other GI facility in Berks County.
  • Open Screening is available. This means patients can schedule a screening colonoscopy without scheduling an appointment with the gastroenterologist prior to the procedure.
  • We rapidly and efficiently report the procedure results to your primary care physician and any other physicians you request.
  • Below are some forms that you may be asked to review and sign before your procedure. Please use them as a reference to read ahead of time so that you can come prepared with any questions or concerns. There is no need to print these out, you will be given copies at the front desk when checking in for your visit.

Welcome to Our Center

Advanced Directive Policy

Consent to the Use and Disclosure of Health Information

Informed Consent for Clinical Anesthesia Services

Informed Consent for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility

Patient Information Brochure

Patient Privacy Notice


In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.

Procedure Preparation

Preparing for a procedure at our center is done by using a 'prep'. A prep cleanses your GI system so our gastroenterologists can scope your large intestine properly and effectively.  You will be told which prep you need when you schedule your appointment.